RHHS Math Team Competes

The Red Hill Math Team traveled to the campus of Eastern Illinois University on Saturday, February 24 to compete in the 2018 ICTM Regional Math Contest. The Junior-Senior 2-Person Team of Sydney Curts and Blaine Hesler earned a 3rd place finish. The Oralist Team of Grace Hahn and Clint Buchanan earned a 1st place finish, and will compete at state competition on May 5.

Students who competed on Saturday included:
Seniors: Madison Hobbs, Luke Farrar, Mitchell Nash, Eternity Richardson, Colton Shaffer
Juniors: Clint Buchanan, Jeana Buchanan, Sydney Curts, Kenna Dunkin, Grace Hahn, Blaine, Hesler, Jazlyn Robinson, Zeb Zeigler
Sophomores: Ali Andrews, Destiny Legg, Nick Scherer
Freshmen: Grace Buchanan, Abigail Hasewinkle, Alendria Jackman, Katie Moore